Nowata OK land for sale 0 to 10 acres

In 1889, the Iron Mountain Railroad completed a rail through Indian
Territory  and set  stations every six miles( how far a man could walk in
a day) along its  tracks from the Kansas border to Arkansas.   The
Cherokee town of Nowata was  established  in 1892 and  incorporated
in 1904.  The  name “Nowata” is a misspelling of a Delaware Indian word
“Noweata” meaning “Welcome”.

Following the discovery of oil and gas in the late 1890’s and early 1900’
s, Nowata became  a boom town, growing in population.  Newspapers
began publishing in 1894, telephones were in use by 1899 and in
1903,  the first public school was  built without tax money and in the
same year,    the very  first graduation ceremony in Indian Territory took
place at the Nowata  school.

In 1908,  Nowata  became the county seat with gas, sewers, water,
electricity and refrigeration in place  by 1911.  Acres and acres of grass
land encouraged cattle grazing and
production.  The  Henderson Gasoline Plant, the largest in the world at
the time, was built in Nowata county and the shallow oil fields became a
draw for those trying to make
their fortune in the oil and gas business.  

Nowata became and continues to be, a thriving  community with a
strong  economy, model school system, active churches, prosperous
businesses and highly educated individuals

Nowata OK land 0 to 10 acres